Prabowo Dorong Pembangunan Tanggul Laut di Pantura untuk Cegah Warga Terdampak Banjir Rob

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Jakarta – Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto became the main speaker in a national seminar with the theme ‘Strategies for Protecting the Java Island Region, Through the Construction of Coastal Dikes and Giant Sea Walls’ in Jakarta, Wednesday (10/1).

In his presentation, Prabowo explained the importance of sea walls for the North Coast of Java (Pantura) region.

“Because Pantura is a determining potential for all of us. Java still contributes more than 50 percent of our GDP,” said Prabowo.

In addition, the worrying conditions due to the phenomena of rising sea levels and abrasion in the region became the trigger for Prabowo to push for the resolution of these issues through the construction of the Giant Sea Wall together with other ministers.

“So this project, which is already included in the National Strategic Project (PSN), we really prioritize it. We have to gather the best minds of the nation. Accelerate the construction of the giant sea wall,” he continued.

On the same occasion, economist Raden Pardede said that in the Java Sea there are strong ocean currents, so the potential for tidal floods is increasing.

“Global warming is also another problem that needs to be anticipated,” he said.

From a defense perspective, sea walls have several advantages, including coastal defense which functions to protect against floods and natural disasters. Indirectly contributes to the overall city’s resilience.

In addition, they are for the protection of strategic infrastructure aimed at protecting the main urban infrastructure.

Sea walls also contribute to the stability and sustainability of economic activities by preventing damage caused by floods. (SENOPATI)

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