Prabowo akan Rangkul Semua Pihak Bila Terpilih jadi Presiden: Rakyat Menghendaki Kerukunan

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Malang – Candidate for president number 02, Prabowo Subianto affirmed that he will embrace all Indonesian people even if they do not choose him in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election. “We will be leaders for all the people of Indonesia, whether they choose us or not, we will still take care of and protect them,” said Prabowo when attending the grand campaign of the Democratic Party in Gajayana Field, Malang, East Java, on Thursday (1/2).

Prabowo continued, along with Gibran Rakabuming Raka and the Indonesian Democratic Coalition, they will invite all forces to serve the entire people of Indonesia. Through service, Prabowo continued, a harmonious atmosphere will be created. “The people desire harmony, a peaceful atmosphere. Trust me, our strength is very great,” said Prabowo.

Assessing the continuously rising survey results for himself, Prabowo is optimistic about winning the 2024 Presidential Election contest. However, he urged all citizens to go to the polling stations (TPS) and not be complacent. “We must not be complacent. Everyone must go to the polling stations on February 14th. And we must guard the polling stations and protect the ballot papers,” Prabowo urged. (SENOPATI)


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