Program Makan Siang Siswa di Sekolah Diremehkan, Prabowo Subianto: Itu akan Buat Anak Indonesia Kuat dan Cerdas

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Bandung – Prabowo Subianto, candidate for number two emphasized his determination with vice-presidential candidate Gibran Rakabuming Raka to provide free lunch for students at school, during an open campaign agenda at the Gelora Bandung Lautan Api (GLBA) Stadium, Bandung, on Thursday (8/2).

“Once the mandate is given to us, our first step is to provide nutritious meals for all children in Indonesia,” he said.

Prabowo then responded to a statement from someone who claimed to be a fisherman and belittled the program.

“Some disagree, some pretend to be fishermen,” said Prabowo, which was immediately responded with laughter from his supporters.

“He dares to pretend to be a fisherman and say ‘we don’t need free lunch’. He’s currently being proposed to receive the Citra Award. I would propose to receive the Oscar. That’s quite something, he doesn’t have to, don’t be a legislative candidate. He could be a soap opera star,” he continued.

Prabowo reminded that the program aims to shape children who are not only smart, but also grow strong. According to him, this is important so that the nation’s generation is able to compete with other nations.

“All of you, nutritious free lunch will make our children strong, our children’s brains, smart bones strong, muscles strong and will grow into great young men and women, who can compete with other nations,” he added.

In addition to free meals, Prabowo-Gibran also vowed to create food self-sufficiency, no longer relying on imports from foreign countries. He will also pay attention to the welfare of farmers and fishermen.

“All of you, we will achieve food self-sufficiency and no longer rely on imports from abroad. Our farmers must prosper, our fishermen must prosper. All our people must live well, prosperous,” he concluded. (SENOPATI)

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